Best day of my life

Around a month ago two of my friends and I decided to take around fifty five magic mushrooms each. We had waited months for the liberty caps to start growing and now, finally, we had found some. We got up pretty early, around eight o'clock in the morning, partly to start tripping before people starting getting up (we like to trip completely alone if possible) and partly out of pure anticipation and excitement that was keeping us awake all night. So at eight o'clock I woke up and looked outside. The sun was up and casted a golden light through the window and onto my face, I could already tell this was going to be a perfect day. After calling my friends Minty and Harry over the telephone we found ourselves at the end of my street, each of us eager to start our trip. Harry asked 'where should we go to start it?' and of course, we all decided on one of our favorite places in the town: the orchard.

On the way down the canal, which led directly to the orchard, we popped twenty liberty caps each into a flask full of boiled water and waited for the tea to brew. I remember how crisp the air was that morning as we strolled along the cobbled path past the calm water. In the end, we climbed a hill about half way to our destination to look at the city. This is where we drank our tea. We stayed looking over the city at the houses that poked through the thin fog until the mushrooms started to kick in. Still feeling quite tired, I gazed half awake at the hills around me and all of a sudden I noticed a subtle but clear hallucination. The fog that shrouded the city was beginning to slowly morph and change into all the colours in the spectrum. When we all agreed the the mushrooms had taken an effect, we began walking along the path again to head towards the orchard. As I walked, I looked into the canal at a reflection of a tree. It seemed as if the gaps in between the branches were forming eyes shapes that blinked at me constantly as I went past. I laughed quietly at it and carried on with my journey.

As of yet, I had had no particular feeling of connection with nature or any spiritual feelings, but as I approached the route towards the entrance of the orchard, I could feel myself getting happier and happier. The route to the entrance has bushes and trees closely lining each side of the path and at random places in the wall of leaves big white flowers would seemingly burst out as we walked past. This is really when I began to feel spiritually connected to nature. Everything seemed to be at peace as I brushed past the flowers and leaves. Birds were singing louder than I've ever heard them sing and the bees weaved in and out of leaves and petals in front of me, hardly bothered by our presence. I could tell that my friends were also in complete awe of this experience, as they hardly made a sound apart from the occasional gasp as they ruffled their fingers through the petals of a flower. Towards the end of the path the concentration of plant life seemed to increase hugely. I could feel an intense buzzing coming off every single plant around me, as if I could feel their life-force. Just as the buzzing seemed almost to become too intense, the path opened into an archway of trees which led into the orchard. I quite tired from walking so far, so we all sat down on a bench which looked over rolling hills covered in fields inhabited solely by cows and sheep. We all got talking about the hallucinations we were having and it seemed although some were tripping slightly more than others, we were all having an amazing time. Harry claimed that he was having very few hallucinations, but felt very much at peace with the world. Minty on the other hand told us he was tripping the hardest he ever had before and was seeing the clouds twist and morph into strange shapes that he said resembled words. I seemed to be having a combination of both feelings.

Harry pulled out some home-made brownies for us to share, which I accepted with delight. It was honestly the best thing I've ever eaten in my entire life. The chocolate seemed so rich that I could hardly handle one bite, let alone a full brownie. Whilst we were eating, Harry asked us if there were any songs we would like to listen to from the portable speaker. Minty requested 'Naked Eye' by the Who. The second the music came on was incredible, it echoed over the hills and filled my ears like a soft liquid, yet it was only on half volume. Minty was in crouched on the floor in tears from the music. 'It's just so... good' he exclaimed, then picked himself back up and leant on the fence. Just as he did this, a small Yorkshire terrier trotted along the path, looked at us, stopped and stood staring right at me and Harry. It's arched eyebrows and small face made it look like our presence was irritating it. Me and Harry burst out laughing for what seemed like hours whilst this dog just stood in front of us. once we stopped laughing, Minty turned around and asked slowly '...what?'. Without time to answer, I looked up just in time as the dog's owner, a well dressed old lady, came around the corner and stared at us with a mixture of disapproval and confusion. I released that the dog had only been standing there for a few seconds and that the lady had been walking right behind it. Embarrassed, I turned away and pretended not to notice as she walked away. Once she was safely round the corner, me and Harry burst out into laughter again at the thought of the dog's face.

We walked out of the orchard towards the town when Harry asked us if we'd should get a train to a small village in the country side and climb one to the top of one of the large hills there. At first I was against this idea; people had always told me that trains were horrible places to be whilst tripping, but when I remembered the view at the top of the hill I couldn't say no. We walking into the train station and I nervously bought our tickets. The train ride was surprisingly good, despite the fact I had to stand (and I desperately wanted to sit down) and two girls were staring and laughing at me and Minty, probably because we both looked like we were quite obviously tripping.
The countryside was wonderful and although the climb up the hill was tiring, it was worth it for the view at the end. The village sat right at the edge of the sea and was surrounded by forests and mountains which seemed picture-perfect in the sunlight of midday. We spent some time sat on a bench listening to music and chatting for a while and then visited the ruins of a castle near by.

At the end of the trip we walked down into the village to buy chips for our dinners and had to stand in line in a long queue surrounded by noisy people waiting for their chips. The atmosphere of the chip shop seemed quite friendly and was one I used to eat at a lot as a kid, so visiting it again was a novelty. We grabbed our food and sat at the train station, exhausted but very pleased with the way the day had gone. The sun was just setting as we finished our huge meal and all we had to do from then was wait for our train. I don't think I've spent a better £10 in my life.

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