Liberty Caps were in abundance

It was mid November, leaves starting to fall from the trees, my favorite time of year, not because of that but because it was magic mushroom season, liberty caps were in abundance this year as no longer did i have to drive 25 miles to lincoln, i found a field five minutes from my house.

I went down and picked a couple of hundred nice plump ones, left the pins to grow for later visits and walked down to see one of my friends, (ill call him Bear to save his identity) i munched around 35 on the way to his house and by the time i got there i started to feel the effects, my mind switched up a gear and my thoughts where focussed, vivid patterns morphed and swayed on his carpet, my friend bear had his hand out "Come on pal what u got, you look anyhow", I opened my tin, "here mate have some of these" i gave him 50 and said to him to chew them up and come on a journey with me, I had a plan that day an old pal had gave an 8th of mexican cubensis earlier and I dragged us both down the road back to my house to grab them, upon returning to bears house and eating another 2g of cubensis each we both started drifting our separate ways as reality was slowly being taken away from us intense visuals forced my friend into his bedroom where he turned the light off and buried his head for 4hr, at one point when i went to check on him his body was all jumbled he was morphing into the bed i pounced on what i thought was his body and it turned out to be a sleeping bag i turned around to see my friend laughing at me his face morphed into a cat like shape, i was in his world now and really enjoyed watching patterns twist and wave cm's in front of my face, the cold temperature in bears room forced me back into the kitchen, falling over my own feet i laughed and collapse onto a friend who in turn laughed and passed me a big fat spliff, i took a couple of puffs and closed my eyes, heaven, i stayed there for an other hour, until suddenly i was back down to earth, the door opened and bear had returned at exactly the same time lol..