I must love and cherish

On a dosage of about sixty-five freshly picked liberty caps I feel my senses heighten onto a risen platform of conscious awareness. It is as though the ground beneath my feet has no real concept of physical law, making it a random consequence manifested from my unconscious mind. There is no meaning to it, no real purpose…just something else to perceive in a realm of random scenarios.

I remember I was sitting in a field with a close acquaintance when it all kicked off. It took between fifteen to twenty minutes before I really felt the mushroom’s full force. Every tiny detail in the horse trampled grass, still damp from the mornings dew, threw me into a besotted state of delirium. The colour became a concept of delusion. It was no longer a rough green. It was more like an emotion, trembling in my awareness. Reality is no longer a physical plane, but instead a non-existent theory open to interpretation.

No need for the silliness that surrounds the artefact of vivid living. Just the idea of experiencing a pre-determined series of events, all following the same path. There is no time, there is no space, only an ideology of such things lingering in my mind, longing for an answer.
As I continue to deeply think about philosophical questions on life and the external world, I begin to realize the true nature of the lie at hand. I was never born and will never die. I am an eternal invincibility prone to various delusional thoughts and ideas.

There is no external world. Only an interior design at the centre of all things, and at the centre of that lies another climax, and it goes on.
I sit quietly consuming the information I am being blessed with as my acquaintance nervously giggles. I am at peace with myself and my so-called surroundings. I am one with nature. I gently smooth the grass as though it were a precious object of great value, and with it came something I must love and cherish.Buy 4 Magic mushroom growkits

I close my eyes. I see a kaleidoscope of colors, each mused into patterns within other patterns. Each shape triggering off an idea of great complexity, which leads to another, like a never-ending trail of thought. My mind bounces off concept after concept and warps each of them into something different. I see a poetical and abstract reality with multiple meanings and items that define it. I find my mind wondering into a place it has never before been.

I wonder if this is what they meant in the scriptures when they mentioned another realm. Perhaps it would be better described as another point of view.

Feelings and perceptions are subject to change everyday…but not into something like this. I felt one with every living thing in existence, as though we were all sharing the same soul. For a moment I felt great illusions of grandeur, as I managed to convince myself I was a God like entity that was totally in control of its surroundings. I told myself that every scenario that takes place, and every character I encounter throughout life, are just a manifestation of myself. From my unconscious mind comes a higher power. It is the same power that controls my heart beat. I have no conscious control, but the one in control is still in fact me, just as the one controlling my heart is only my unconscious mind.

It took about six hours to become sober again. I gradually came out of the frame of mind after having been thrown headfirst. My awareness felt sharper, and more tuned in to what was really going on in this life. In this consciousness. In this reality.

-By Polihronos

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