Pizza's and Mushrooms?

In preparation for this trip, let's call him Andy, had been looking round his house for the naturally growing liberty caps that grew in the fields around him. After a couple of days of searching he stuck gold and found a couple of large patches of them. He shared these amongst friends but save around 120 for this trip. I did not know if this is a lot or not very much as I had never taken Magic Shrooms
before. He had dried them on the radiator before so they were completely dry and ready to eat. We were both hungry so put in a couple of pizzas to cook, whilst we were doing this andys mum left however her friend who lived in the house stayed in. Soon the pizzas were ready so we split the mushrooms in half and started to eat.

magic mushroom
We remembered that you were meant to eat Magic Shrooms
on an empty stomach so we put half of our mushrooms on one slice and ate it. The other half we put in our mouths and chewed it, holding it in our mouths for as long as possible in the belief it would make it effect us quicker. Andy who had done mushrooms a few times before decided it would be a good idea to make me have a drink or two to relax me and make me have a better time, the only problem being that there was only old dark spirits in the house. He poured me a drink of Ricard, a strong (45%) dark aniseed french spirit. I hated it but he made me drink it, I had to drink it over the sink in fear of being sick. It was quite funny but very pointless and painfully.

We went back into the living room where we would spend the majority of the night. We had previously hooked up his laptop to his tv so we could see what was on his laptop on a big screen. We put on some music and waited for the mushrooms to kick in. Whole we waited we tried to find a good film we could watch, after much deliberation we decided on star wars. I can't remember which on but we chose the one where they met yoda as yoda is always fun. Andy felt the mushrooms first and started to walk round the room leaning as far back as possible, something that someone in Indonesia had showed to be fun on shrooms.
Magic mushroom

I didn't understand what he was doing at this point as I wasn't feeling anything. Soon though the mushrooms started to kick in, the walls started to bubble and wave, the lamp gave off a very bright coloured light, my phones screen was the most vivid I have ever seen it. Whilst waiting for the film to buffer we put on the xx's new music videos which were very trippy. We listened to these two songs on a loop whilst talking and crawling round feeling the texture of the fabrics and carpet. Everything felt amazing. I decided it would be fun to Skype a girl from uni on my phone. Whilst her head floating on my phone was amazing we soon got bored of her. After listening to the xx on a loop what felt like hours the film had buffered enough to watch. We sat watching star wars but kept getting distracted by the curtains which were bubbling and changing colours. They looked like waves were travelling along them. When eventually in star wars they found yoda we found him hilarious. It also reminded my friend of a film called willow also made by George lucas. We decided to watch this instead. Whilst it was loading we went outside to see if we could see the stars. We put on my mates mums raincoats and funny hats and then went outside. It was passing it down and we got soaked immediately, as we were coming in andys mums friend saw us. I tried to cover us by saying we were taking the dog for a walk but Andy blurted out we took mushrooms. She asked us if the sky was changing colour had some other small talk and then let us get on with it. We went back in and started watching willow.

Which is a 1988 film about some midgets who find a human baby which for fills some type of prophecy. The film had normal midgets, humans and then tiny pixies which only came up to the midgets ankles. It was actually quite a heart warming story. Near the beginning of the film andys mum came home. She wasn't angry she just said it's fine as long as you clear up your mess. Our trip was ending now as the film was. We ended the night with a spliff in andys car and then went to bed. My thoughts were racing and going off in very wierd tangents that normally I wouldn't think of. The trip had been amazing and a very good experience. I have never been so interested in some curtains or listening to music as beautiful as the xx. Willow was brilliant with its weird mix of midgets and pixies and rat dog things.

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